International Artist Day

A special day to honor artists

Oct 25, 2024 - Oct 25, 2024
Oxford Street Studio,
1184 Oxford St., White Rock, British Columbia,

Although art is generally thought to encompass painting, sculpture, writing and music, in fact art in some form or another impacts on us all on a daily basis. Artists have the privilege of bringing the timeless dimension of beauty and grace to humanity. Centuries of our human condition have been chronicled and depicted by artists. Our major galleries are filled to overflowing and yet the artist remains an enigma.

October 25th is "International Artist Day" worldwide. This day is to honor all the contributions artists have given society. Take an artist to lunch, host an exhibition, go to a studio etc.

Contact Person: Mr Chris MacClure
Title: Manager
Phone: (604) 219-4992
Organizer: Chris MacClure
Address: 1184 Oxford Street
City: White Rock
State/Province: BC
Postal Code: V4B 3P6
Country: CA

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