Joseph Pace. Ave Crux, Spes Una

Major travelling exhibition organized by the Pantheon in Rome will be presented at the Basilica

Nov 02, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021
Piazza Santo Stefano in Lucina, Rome, Roma,

On Tuesday 2 November 2021, the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina inaugurates the exhibition “JOSEPH PACE, AVE CRUX, SPES UNA”.

Curated by Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani, and created in collaboration with the Joseph Pace Archive, the exhibition will be on view, after the Pantheon of Rome, in one of the oldest churches in Rome, the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina. JOSEPH PACE, AVE CRUX SPES UNA is the important traveling exhibition of the Italian artist Joseph Pace.

Next year the exhibition will be at the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, before to be then re-proposed in the main Cathedrals in Europe and South America. With the patronage of the IPH - Instituto de Recuperação do Patrimônio Histórico de São Paulo, the exhibition is organized by the Joseph Pace Archive in collaboration with the Pantheon in Rome.

Alongside the works by Bernini and Guido Reni, the 12 sculptures by Joseph Pace, all created in the period of the Covid-19 2019-2021 pandemic, were made by the artist with recycled industrial materials, such as pearls, ancient crucifixes, bijoux and vintage materials, which the artist searches for among industrial residues all over the world.

Pace’s sculptural style is rooted in the classical tradition with its focus on the well modelled torso. However, the artist introduces a postmodern twist with ostentatious fashion jewels and accessories, mostly vintage, such as bijoux, miscellaneous pearls and objects, thus intending to contrast the throwaway culture that our society makes for things, objects as well as for human beings.

Often his works aim to address the questions of human body, its beauty and fragility, its suffering as well as deeper aspects of human nature as dreams and illusions. Pace's work is part of an artistic and intellectual journey through which the artist reinterprets some of our deepest psychic realities.

Among the works in the catalog, the artist's book "Holy Bible", a large vintage "Cross of pearls" in a plexiglas capsule, the "Kneeling Pillow" made with thousands of pieces of costume jewelery, such as the work "Do not miss the hope ”(sartorial bust), and the“ Cross of the Pantheon”, a large asymmetrical processional cross which is now part of the Pantheon's permanent art collection.

Pace explains the meaning of his work in these terms: "For our culture the Crucifix is ??a symbol of the Cosmos, of the One, of the Infinite, of the Eternal. It is starting from the discovery of spirituality that we begin to have a greater awareness of humanity".

After his third appointment at the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, scheduled for May 2022, the exhibition will be re-proposed in Vienna, Cologne, Bruges, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

Joseph Pace - Biography

Rome-based sculptor, painter, performances and installations Joseph Pace is among the most significant artist working today. From his Central African centered paintings of the early 1980s to his works reconstructed from memory (IDM and ATONS series) to his assemblage sculptures using thousand of pieces of rare fashion jewelry, Pace seamlessly combine the aesthetics of decorative arts with the modern sculpture, painting and engraving. Often fashion, history and decorative arts are referenced, with all their ambiguity, experimentation and humor associated with those philosophy and psychoanalysis. Pace’s works has been internationally recognized for its ability to reinterprets many of our psychic realities. His work has been shown in institutions and museums in throughout the world.

Pace’s work was the subject of a major exhibition organized at the Museum of Art of the Parliament of São Paulo, Boncompagni Ludovisi Decorative Arts Museum of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome, Italian Embassy in Brasilia, Museu Afro Brasil in São Paulo, Museo Crocetti in Rome, Municipal Theater of Jaguariuna. 

Contact Person: Ms Ornella Galardo Castillo
Organizer: Minor Basilica of St. Lawrence in Lucina in Rome, Italy
Address: Piazza Santo Stefano in Lucina
City: Rome
State/Province: Italy
Postal Code: 00100
Country: IT

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